Where Does Apple Get their Wallpapers from?

Have you ever wondered where do your macOS wallpapers come from, and who is the photographer? Certainly, we know the place as there are some photographers who are visiting all those places to re-create the same images. Every time Apple releases macOS, it has a location name, and it is the base of the published wallpaper. We have Mavericks, Yosemite El Captain, Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave and macOS Catalina.

You can dig into Apple’s hidden resources and get some of the amazing and nice apple wallpapers by pressing Command-Shift-G. This opens the “Go to Folder dialogue box”, and there you can paste the following to see four different theme directories.

(/System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver.Framework/Versions/A/Resources/Default Collections/)

The four directories are;

· Nat Geography

· Aerial

· Cosmos

· Nature’s Pattern

Apple Mac Wallpapers Source

At least 40% of the images found in those folders are sourced from National Geographic. Apple approaches those photographers and buys a license for their picked images. The accurate number could be higher, as upon doing some research, we have got a clue that the National Geography photographers have been asked for their images.

Apple’s art department keeps an eye on images, and if they choose any picture for their operating system, the team officially approaches the photographer or website to license their it.

You can also find by using the trick of reversing image search that “Thunderstorms on the Brazilian Horizon” traces back to NASA. It was taken on a space research trip, taken by Nikon D2Xs in 2009.

This way, you can see lots of apple mac wallpaper that belong to National Geography.

Keegan Gibbs

You can see Gibbs’ blog available online; he mentioned how they were approached by Apple back in 2013. The reason was to license one of the images he took. Apple uses his image for iOS 7’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It was captured during a surfing trip in Indonesian Mentawai Island. This photo is upside down, it looks like that sky is beneath the water.

Daniel Kordan

Yosemite wallpaper was taken by photographer Daniel Kordan, though Apple did not disclose it publicly. According to the photographer, Apple purchased the license for that exclusive image. The scenario shows that the photographer got paid definitely.

Sungjin Ahn

Apple’s macOS X El Capitan was taken by photographer Sungjin Ahn; thу image was captured on August 6th, 2013 using Canon EOS 5D Mark III. After getting license, the art team edited in Adobe Photoshop for some touch-ups.

Mason Cummings

Mac OS X Yosemite was taken by Mason Cummings back in 2012 at Tanaya Lake using Nikon D700. This lake is situated at Yosemite National Park, US. He stated that ”he was up to knees in cold water for more than half an hour for taking this picture”.

Steve Bloom

Wallpaper titled Zebras; it was taken by Steve Bloom by using Canon EOS 1N. This shot was captured by flying in a helicopter over Maun Okavango Delta, Botswana.

Kent Shiraishi

Kent Shiraishi took a snap of blue pond in Hokkaido, Japan, at the end of October as in winter the pond freezes. This wallpaper is named Blue Pond and First Snow; this is one of the most appealing tourist spots. And the author won the 2011 National Geographic photo competition.

Paul Nicklen

He took pictures of polar bears back in June 2007, for National Geographic. It was titled Vanishing Sea Ice.

Michael Melford

Wallpaper Viburnum-Leaf was featured in National Geography magazine 2011. This was taken by Michael Melford, and his other picture got a chance to be in the library of Apple. Picture named Glaciers that he took in Montana’s National Park.

The Final Word

These are some of the images that were taken by the photographers, and Apple gets a license from them to use for their macOS with all authorities. If you do not know, how to get more apple wallpapers, try the attached link for more information.